On January 19, 2014, Steve Tendon was interviewed by Tom Cagley, the host of the Software Process Improvement Measurement Cast.

Listen to the interview here: SPaMCast #273.

Tom asked Steve the following questions:

  • Let’s talk a little about the whole idea of “constraints,” today. Before we dive into that, what is a “constraint?” (31:34)

  • Are constraints always bad? (32:28)

  • Are constraints and bottlenecks the same thing? (33:02)

  • Are bottlenecks good or bad? (35:12)

  • What is the relationship between, in Agile, retrospectives and constraints? (37:14)

  • Is that where the idea of systems’ thinking has to come into play in order to make improvements? (38:43)

To get to know the answers, listen to the SPaMCast #273.