On February 16, 2014, Steve Tendon was interviewed by Tom Cagley, the host of the Software Process Improvement Measurement Cast.

Listen to the interview here: SPaMCast #277.

Tom asked Steve the following questions:

  • Let’s talk a little bit about Scrum today. Everything is better with Scrum, right? (33:45)

  • Are there limitations then, or is Scrum the “Silver Bullet” we have all been waiting for? (34:05)

  • As managment becomes less dysfunctional, then we should pull back from Scrum; but what should we be replacing it with? (35:52)

  • Is that something you have seen often in software centric organizations? or is that something that makes sense, it probably happens, but you don’t run across it in the wild? (37:42)

  • When I hear the words “Unity of Purpose” I tend to think about Deming or at least some of the work that spins out of Deming. But I think “Unity of Purpose” is easier in smaller organizations where you can have a common approach. In larger organizations there are so many different threads, it is very difficult for senior managers to understand what that single vision, that unity of purpose would be - because there are so many competing purposes. Does that transmit itself throughout the organization? (39:58)

To get to know the answers, listen to the SPaMCast #277.