Here we list tool vendors that provide tools that can help you to apply the TameFlow Approach.

In particular we highlight the vendors that provide software tools that have been officially approved by us, and who will display the “Officially Approved TameFlow Software” seal on their offerings. You can see how the seal looks like here below.

Officially Approved TameFlow Software



A-dato’s software solutions help leading companies all over the world to optimize and synchronize workflows and processes covering their total portfolio and project management landscape and services operations. In our LYNX software solutions proven methods such as Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), TOC, Agile, Scrum, Kanban and Lean, have been combined.

Once you start working with LYNX or LYNX TameFlow you will notice how easily you can communicate between projects or teams. Simply invite any co-worker for a project and you can share tasks, subtasks and documents by one click. We also designed our tools with a strong graphical support and the responsiveness that planning and workflow software needs. Providing you with optimal user experience.

All of our software can easily be configured to fit the specific customer needs and allow customers to choose from multiple scheduling options, operating modes (buffered/debuffered), (advanced) resource management options, stage and financial planning features, time tracking and more.

Through LYNX TameFlow, Agile and Kanban workflows are integrated, bringing Agile CCPM to life. The software is available as a standalone solution but also has standard integrations with JIRA, Microsoft DevOps and other environments.

A couple of years ago we saw our customers struggle with combining agile and Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM). The TameFlow theory gave us the answers that we needed to optimize our software in order to serve our customers best. Currently we have implemented all the key TameFlow Approach elements within LYNX TameFlow, including the WIP tokens, waiting columns and of course Drum Buffer Rope.