On January 25, 2015, Steve Tendon was interviewed by Tom Cagley, the host of the Software Process Improvement Measurement Cast.

Listen to the interview here: SPaMCast #326.

Tom asked Steve the following question:

  • What’s the difference [between productivity and performance]? (4:10)

  • Is there a technical difference [between productivity and performance]? Or is it just semantics? (4:40)

  • What cause that evolution in your thought process and your practice? (5:20)

  • Is this driven by making the people better, by making the process better? How do you get to these levels of hyper-performance? (8:44)

  • What you are describing is a key dynamic leader and then this Unity of Purpose around that leader. Is that something that organizations can learn? Is that something that they have to go out and find? And then what happens when someone like Taiichi Ohno or Steve Jobs leaves, dies? (10:30)

  • Tell us what you mean by the word “Flow?” What does that mean? Is that creating projects and stamping projects out one after the other, kind of a production? Or is it broader, like product or oganizational oriented? (15:17)

  • Can an organization achieve hyper-productive performance if any one of those flows are out of sync? (19:10)

  • Are those the concepts […] the core of the book? The message of the book? (23:56)

  • Who would you suggest actually go out and buy the book? Is this a book for CIOs? Is it a book for CEOs? or team leaders in IT organizations? (26:38)

  • If you woke up tomorrow morning and had the power to change any two things that affect the idea of hyper-productive knowledge work performance, what would those two things be? and why? (30:00)

To get to know the answers, listen to the SPaMCast #326.