On May 25, 2014, Steve Tendon was interviewed by Tom Cagley, the host of the Software Process Improvement Measurement Cast.

Listen to the interview here: SPaMCast #291.

Tom asked Steve the following question:

  • Have you run into a scenario where you run into a constraint, but it does not make economic sense to get rid off the constraint? You might increase productivity, you might increase your measurement, but it still doesn’t make sense to remove the constraint? (17:50)

  • The need to measure from a financial point of view […] In your last answer, if you had measured output, velocity perhaps or just units of work, without taking a financial view it would be possible to “improve the system” and affect it negatively from a financial point of view. Does the measurement really count? (22:23)

To get to know the answers, listen to the SPaMCast #291.