On May 22, 2020, Steve Tendon was on Johon Coleman’s (“Agility Chef”) webinar.

Here are some of the most significant questions/topics covered during the show:

  • The history of TameFlow
  • The story of Herbie
  • Knowledge-work vs. Manufacturing vs. Project Management
  • Knowledge-work as interative, incremental knowldege discovery or creation through interaction between people
  • Patterns
  • Sociological/Antropological aspects of high-performing organizations
  • Throughput accounting
  • Critical Chain Project Management: what’s good and what’s bad for Agile
  • Limits of Scrum
  • Difference between bottlenecks and constraints
  • Evolution from Kanban
  • The Flow-Efficiency board
  • The Constraint in a Kanban board
  • Key advantages of TameFlow compared to traditional approaches like Scrum and Kanban
  • Role of the CEO in TameFlow transformations
  • The Jungle-Jeep-Journey metaphor and the constraint in the work process, work flow and work execution
  • TameFlow and Cynefin