Tame your Work Flow

Over the last 20 years, most of us have participated in one way or another towards the beneficial mutation of organizations via the application of principles and practices associated with scrum, XP, scaled agile, kanban, and more recently business agility. At each evolutionary stage, it was deemed necessary to apply the required ‘medicine’ to cure the ailing organization.

The ‘medicine’ that worked wonders in one place was not always as effective elsewhere, all the while requiring consumption of specific regimes of foreign concepts, labels, and roles. Were these evolutionary stages of disruptive agile therapy necessary? Back then, the answer was likely “yes” for most organizations that were brittle and caustic to any change.

The prescription was typically ingested with the desperate hope of a cure, rather than a guarantee. Essentially a wishful and expensive IOU attached to a hard-to-swallow pill.

Thereafter, if the cure wasn’t forthcoming, the patient was too often blamed for lack of adherence to the prescribed therapy rather than the therapy itself being questioned.

20 years on, and we are still too often applying the same broad-brush medicines, hoping for a universal cure…


Along comes TameFlow - an evidence-based, light-touch, laser-precision approach able to both diagnose and cure organizational illnesses.

This light-weight sniper approach to finding constraints and eradicating them can be applied at every level of the organization, and can result in a win literally within hours of targeted application.

Finally, a step-function evolution has arrived to deliver on the promise of swift results for minimum effort and disruption.

I applaud Steve and Daniel for their perseverance to bring this refined approach to those of us who have been searching for the right tools. The beauty is that these tools are also timeless, and will therefore retain their razor-sharp edge indefinitely.