Tame your Work Flow

What frustrates me most in my working experience so far is seeing so much wasted energy and unnecessary conflict by very well meaning, hard working, dedicated individuals - execs, managers and “workers”, all trying their best to do what seems best for their organisation. Everyone would be pulling in different directions, although everyone seems to have the same purpose.

What really strikes me in TameFlow is how through the use of shared “Mental Models”, true organisational alignment is achieved - what the authors call “Unity of Purpose” - and organisations are able to learn how to focus on what really matters and achieve meaningful and lasting improvements through systematic and methodical approaches.

This book presents a mix of theory and practical advice to help you understand the (sometimes counter intuitive) concepts and start applying them, whatever your context.

Make no mistake - this is not an easy read, but one well worth your attention if you really intend to succeed in any change initiative you are about to embark on.