Tame your Work Flow

My role in organizations leads me to work with several teams and make them perform. Visual work management is by far the avenue I prefer (kanban). In fact, the osmosis communication provided by our daily meetings as well as the visibility of the work to be done allows us to make continuous improvements to adjust ourselves in order to create more value for our customers.

At a certain moment or another, you observe problematic situations on your Kanban Board that you can not clearly identify, nor understand. You feel that something is wrong, but you are not able to put your finger on it. It’s like the word you have on the tip of your tongue, but you can not say it.

You study and apply agile approaches, lean management, six sigma, business Analytics, change management and even more. You make improvements, but the results are usually disappointing, temporary. Through time, your readings, your reflections and your research, help you to put all the puzzle pieces together and then it’s the illumination.

You finally found the answer to your questions.

The book “Tame your Work Flow” is exactly that. The answer to your questions.

It is the result of experience, professional maturity and the understanding of common problems encountered and how to mitigate them and innovate in a direction never explored before. The Theory of Constraints, Throughput Accounting, the Wait Time versus the Touch Time, the Drum Buffer Rope and many more approaches will take you to another level, a higher level, a level you have never reached before.

My friends do not look further, everything you need to know is in this book. Take all the time you need to read it and take ownership of its content. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. So much to learn from.

Steve and Daniel, thank you so much for this magnificent book. You guys rock!