Tame your Work Flow

This book is packed with experience, tested practices and ways of applying the principles for not only Agile, Lean and Kanban but maybe foremost, the Theory of Constraints. It is very nice to see this applied in a real-world setting and see how much great arguments and solid advice that can be deduced from the (relatively) simple principles and practices. Many good tools and visualizations are being shown and explained throughout the book and I can absolutely see how these can be used at my clients right away. I particularly like the ideas about optimizing/improving wait time rather than the working time. Much easier! And cheaper. And a better effect.

The book is based on the authors’ experiences and opinions and they are on display throughout the book. This is not good or bad but something that should be noted before reading. Some readers like that others do not.

All in all, I learned a lot of new tools and gained a deeper knowledge of how to apply these ideas in practice from this book.