Tame your Work Flow

From our experience, we cannot emphasize enough the value of the Tameflow Approach has in “PEST” environments, like in IT and Engineering.

For us the TameFlow Approach represents the missing link, capable of augmenting existing approaches like Agile, Lean, SAFe, TOC and Kanban, since these approaches also have their limitations.

Inspired by the first TameFlow book, published in 2013, we made the TameFlow Approach a key part in our workflow solutions. We were early adopters.

Today the TameFlow Approach is applied by many of our customers, by using the TameFlow style Kanban boards. The Flow-Efficiency-Boards, Drum-Buffer-Rope-Boards and the Kanban Tokens have proven their value. It helped them to reach a state of Flow and improve performance significantly.

With this book, Tame your Work Flow, Steve and Daniel present many breakthrough ideas again. They inspire us to continue along the TameFlow path.