Tame your Work Flow

This is an excellent must read whether you know TOC, Kanban, Agile, CCPM, Six Sigma, and whether you’ve learnt the TameFlow Approach or not. The book discusses Kanban in a Theory Of Constraints (TOC) context, and being a Throughput Accountant, what I really enjoyed was how Throughput Accounting (TA) measurements are used to keep business priorities in focus.

Many years ago, after learning TOC, I read David J Anderson’s book, Agile Management, which opened and enlightened my thinking about Critical Chain Project Management. Now, with this “Tame your Work Flow” book, one gets additional clarity and learns what is required in multi project environments that have plenty of uncertainty to deal with. One needs to have simplified yet effective methods to achieve good systemic financial performance.

The TameFlow Approach is focused and directly impacts where improvement needed. My biggest takeaway from this book is how to stay focused in PEST environments with TameFlow’s Throughput Accounting measurements. A very good section discusses it and there are also good examples in the book.