Tame your Work Flow

Having previously read the excellent “Hyper-Productive Knowledge Work Performance” from the same author my expectations on this book were high, and it didn’t disappoint. As far as I’m aware, “Tame your Work Flow” represents the first and only holistic attempt to gear knowledge-work organizations to high performance.

By holistic I mean using Systems Thinking to look at the organization from four different prisms (or flows): operational, financial, informational and psychological.

To do so, authors Steve Tendon and Daniel Doiron have masterfully decoded Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints body of knowledge to then apply it in complex settings involving multiple teams and value streams.

The success of this book lies in making the complex look simple, thanks to the use of Mental Models that explain the theoretical concepts behind the TameFlow Approach.

But don’t be mistaken with the word theory, this book is eminently a practical one. Packing numerous examples, training games and patterns to help you get started with TameFlow in your organization.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and learning with “Tame your Work Flow” from beginning to end, and I believe you will too!