Tame your Work Flow

For several decades, remembering the Kaizen days in the Japanese industrialization, Organizations have focused on increasing productivity, and often times solely interpreted as cost reduction and optimizing bottom line.

This book provides a different look at workflow management and I take away two key messages that resonated with me: First, it is not only about optimizing throughput, it is as much about increasing revenue (demand) and matching work processes as it is about managing production flows. And secondly, Continuous Improvement methods and process improvements such as Lean, 6-sigma, Kanban etc, generally do not consider constraint management in their approach, and as a result will not generate the anticipated results, potentially wasting resources.

After having lived through countless - as well as fruitless – Continuous Improvement transformations as a CIO, I can only recommend to all C-level executives to take a few hours to read this fantastic book and embrace the challenges that lie ahead with optimism.