What will I find in the TameFlow MOVE newsletter?

The TameFlow MOVE newsletter is where we collect the latest news and thoughts about anything related to the TameFlow Approach.

The topics are, broadly speaking, those that you also find covered in the TameFlow Community - hence you can even have relevant discussion about them there.

The topics include:


TameFlow: What a surprise! Of course TameFlow itself will be a major topic in every issue. Expect to read about Patterns and Pattern Theory; the Three Fundamental Patterns of the TameFlow Approach (Inspired Leadership, Unity of Purpose, Community of Trust); the Four Flows (operational, financial, informational and psychological); Explicit Risk Management (special and common cause variation, management by exception); delegation, autonomy and unanimity based Decision Making; Throughput Accounting; the different kind of constraints (in the Work Flow, in the Work Process and in the Work Execution), Work Execution Signals (ageing charts, buffer management); Execution Management and Operational Governance.

Friends of Herbie

Theory of Constraints: The TameFlow Approach has been heavily inspired by - and uses almost all ideas from - the Theory of Constraints. So we are concerned about the Theory of Constraints and how it is used in the TameFlow Approach. Attention will be directed towards the general ideas of the Theory of Constraints; The Five Focusing Steps; The Logical Thinking Processes; Conflict Resolution with the Evaporating Cloud; Management decision-making with Throughput Accounting; Scheduling activities with Drum Buffer Rope(DBR); Project and portfolio management with Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM); Business strategy making with Strategies and Tactics Trees (S&T Trees); and others too.

Agile and Scrum

Agile & Scrum: We will look at all possible Agile Methods, including Scrum and others, and how they relate to the TameFlow Approach. In particular, attention is on how Agile/Scrum can be used in the larger context of businesses and organizations, rather than in the limited context of software development teams where they originated, so focus will be on Business Agility in particular.

Kanban and Lean

Kanban & Lean: The TameFlow Approach has been heavily influenced and uses many ideas from the Kanban Method and Lean. Here we will be exploring how they relate to the TameFlow Approach and discuss topics like: The Four Founding Principles of Kanban; The Six Core Practices of Kanban; The Nine Values of Kanban; The Kanban Lense; The Three Kanban Agendas; Enterprise Services Planning; the Kanban Maturity Model; Upstream, Discovery and Customer Kanban; PopcornFlow; The House of Lean; Jidoka; Heijunka; Kaizen; Kaikaku and Gemba.

Project Management

Project Management: In this space we discuss about conventional Project, Program & Portfolio Management methods, and how they relate to the TameFlow Approach including: Benefits Realization methodology; Critical Chain Project Management; Critical Path; Earned Value Management (EVM); Event Chain Methodology; HERMES; Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL); ISO 21500 (Guidance on Project Management); Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT); Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK); Projects In Controlled Environments (PRINCE2); Excellence in Project Management (XLPM: former PROPS); Projects Integrating Sustainable Methods (PRiSM); Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and ISO 16355 (Applications of statistical and related methods to new technology and product development process).

Other Approaches

Other Approaches: The TameFlow Approach can work with, and often adopts, ideas from many different approaches. So we will be discussing approaches like: Beyond Budgeting; Core Protocols; Design Thinking; DevOps; Discovery Driven Planning; Laloux’s Model of Organizational Development; Lean Startup; RightShifting; Sociocracy 3.0 and more.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth: While the TameFlow Approach is concerned primarily about organizational and team performance, organizations and teams are made up of individuals. Therefore, in this space we will cover any topic that might help us develop and grow as individuals. Topics might include: personal health and fitness; family, friends and relationships; romance; personal finance; personal productivity (GTD, BASB, etc); life hacks; recreation and fun; and anything that helps becoming better human beings.


Tools: In this space we consider all possible tools (digital or physical) that can be used to manage, communicate or collaborate about all work and activities that need to be performed in any organization, and especially in support of the TameFlow Approach.