You all know the story of Herbie and the scounts, don’t you? and how they made their hike through the woods, barely making it to their basecamp before the night set in? and how they did it practically by applying… applying what? exactly!?

Ah… Yes!… The Five Focusing Steps (5FS)!

Keep calm. We have the 5FS

What the scouts did not know, was that Herbie himself was a renowed scholar of the TameFlow Approach.

As soon as they discovered that, they asked Herbie to tell them more about what this TameFlow thing was. It was late, and both Herbie and the troop where tired - but they insisted. They really wanted to know more about TameFlow.

Keep calm. We have the 5FS

So Herbie assented:

“Okay! It is late - but I will tell you some things about TameFlow. For at most for 21 minutes. And then you can ask me questions; but again, for no more than 21 minutes.”

One of the scouts inquired…

“But why… Why 21… minutes only?”

Herbie replied:

“21 + 21 = 42. And we all know that 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything and Anything about TameFlow!”


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