A Talk Show with the Experts in the Field

The Campfire Talks with Heribe is all about how we can uncover better ways to manage knowledge-intensive digital businesses. The show will always have a guest who has developed deep professional experience in the field.

The show is divided in three parts:

  • In the first part of the show the host will interview the guest, to get to know them, both professionally and personally.

  • In the second part of the show, the guest will propose a topic or ask questions about the TameFlow Approach. The host and the guest will compare their experiences and opinions to see what one can learn from the other.

  • In the third part of the show, there will be discussions and conversations. The audience may interact through a chat and ask question, propose reflections or make observations.

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Sample Recordings

Campfire 23: eXtreme Programming and TameFlow Campfire 22: Market Disruption Campfire 21: Cynefin and More Campfire 19: The Core Protocols Campfire 18: Three Benefits of TameFlow Campfire 17: Patterns

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